Solid Wood Pooja Mandir Collection On This Navratri

Solid Wood Pooja Mandir Collection On This Navratri

Navratri means nine nights. Nava means nine, and Ratri means night.

Benefits of Worshiping Goddess on Navaratri?

The worship of the Goddess at night provides rest and rejuvenation. You turn inwards through sleep during the night, and you wake up with a feel of refreshed and having pleasant daytime. In the same way, Navratri or the 'nine nights' is that time of the year where you get the chance to experience deep rest and find the spiritual path by fasting. This deep rest brings joy from all kinds of problems, giving you high relaxation and creativity.

Fasting, meditation, prayers, and other spiritual practices performed during this period helps in bringing about deep rest to your whole body. Thus, prayers have a good place on this auspicious day.

Many people practice keeping the idol of Goddess Durga in their house, especially for these nine days, and offer puja, do fasting, offer unique food items as naivedhyam (nived); people believe that something good might happen by doing these.

As this day is so special to most traditional families all over the country, people will decorate their homes and buy new things on this auspicious occasion. For this Navaratri, ddassstore is here with a fresh approach and design of wooden pooja mandir that makes all your efforts for the Goddess on those nine days a meaningful end.



Buy Puja Mandir online at this Navaratri: provide you with well-designed solid wooden pooja mandir, especially on the occasion of Navaratri, with special offers in affordable low-prices that gives you joy on the eve of the special day. 

  • As the whole house will be decorated and made to look more beautiful, having this puja mandir adds more aesthetic value and elegance for the guests invited on the special occasion for puja and offerings.
  • This puja mandir comes with a solid wood finish, having bells in some mandirs and space for light fixing with a small design that makes special occasions more special. Puja Mandirs with wooden finish have some benefits from ordinary ones.
  • The smell of agarbattis and the wooden material add more life to the spiritual path you are going through as a part of Navaratri puja. As many of the purohits say, having a wooden puja mandir is suitable for home, and if puja is done daily in that mandir also gives you mental health.

This Navaratri Buy these variable wooden Puja Mandirs Online:

  • Wooden puja mandirs bought at ddassstore come with all the doors for opening, bells with finishing, one drawer for storing some of the puja materials needed.

  • Wooden puja mandir is of Sheesham wood and some mandirs with pinewood with the best quality that you will get at affordable prices.

  • Buy an online wooden puja mandir this Navaratri and bring Goddess Devi to your house with complete joy and bhakti.

People want to see their home elegantly and traditionally. Those who care about having their wooden puja mandir with a solid finish at the center of the house for daily puja activities can opt for these mandirs at [

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