5 Amazing Tips for Setting up your Pooja Mandir for Home

5 Amazing Tips for Setting up your Pooja Mandir for Home

5 Amazing Tips for Setting up your Pooja Mandir for Home!

Setting up your pooja mandir at home can be challenging, as it leaves you with more
questions. Whether you need to have a door, to what things are essential and where to
place them, do you think you need a helping hand?
Most people look for elder's guidance for all these pooja-related things. However, one
can set the pooja mandir independently if one know some basic principles and ideas.
Know about different elements of a pooja room, and you can set it all up by yourself.
Tips you need to follow before setting up a pooja mandir for your home include:


Select pooja mandirs with doors:

Always keep an eye out for doors that belong
in a pooja mandir at home. According to Vaastu specialists, entries should be
present for pooja mandirs because they maintain the sacredness of that hallowed
location. This aesthetic feel comes only with having wooden mandirs. Experts
recommend that pooja mandirs should have a double door that is made of wood.
But if the rigid material is not affordable, then a curtain is used for closing the

Place of keeping Idols:

You need a platform for keeping idols as it won't be looking good keeping God's
on the floor directly. For this, there should be customisation for your pooja mandirs with
the platforms. Experts say that you can have a staircase-like arrangement if you're
utilising it for multiple idols, but never more than a few steps.
If possible, wall-mounted shelves are chosen by people lacking spaces for pooja
mandirs where you can keep idols directly on them, which is mainly seen in

Position of placing idols:

After having your platforms ready for placing idols on it or pictures of your
chosen Gods, we have to arrange them so there should be some space between
shelf, wall and icon. Always remember that idols should be placed only in the
north-east, east or north direction.
Also, idols should not be facing each other, and they should be placed side by side
with some distance from the doors.

Lightening effect in pooja mandir:

It should not be overly lit, and only a small quantity of light that is pleasing to the
eye is required. It should not be too brilliant to get the spiritual qualities buried beneath
idols. Because you'll be lighting the lamp while performing puja, light with solid
colours isn't suggested.

Need of Drawers for puja mandirs for storage:

When performing puja daily, we require some of the materials to be stored on the
premises of the puja mandir. You'll need drawers built into the mandir's structure
to accomplish this.

Ghee, oil, camphor, and incense sticks will be used regularly; therefore they
should be kept in the drawer. It's not a good idea to move it between prayers once
you've sat for puja and prayer. Because it is a sacred sanctuary, the storage space should
be limited to solely puja supplies.

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