Pooja Mandir Accessories

Pooja Mandir Accessories


It refers to “Gumbad/dome” of the Mandir which is quite essential in pooja mandir. If you have pooja mandir in your home and it is incomplete without gopuram then you must order it. It is inspired by ancient south Indian mandir and made as per instruction/input received from renowned vedic acharya. It is made of sacred “Sheesham wood” and handmade which ensures that it will be a memorable gift for whomever you choose to gift this to.

Curtain Holder

It refers to provision of spring wire holder from which curtain hangs and it does not include curtain. Our team fix it inside upper side and it helps in maintain privacy and piousness of your pooja.

Incense Stick Holder

It refers to “Incense stick holder” used as a receptacle for falling ash, and this will ensure that your space remains clean. This charming incense stick stand has a timeless yet playful design. You can place it in any setting and it’ll fit right in.

Brass Bells

Brass bells which are also known as “Ghanti” in Hindi is been primarily used in Hindu rituals since ancient times. When you select this option, our team decorates mandir with brass bells on upper top front side with wire string. D’DASS Store brass bells material is made of pure brass and looks quite appealing in golden color, These brass bells used for worshiping purposes are quite common in homes and “Pooja Mandir” (temple) as well. It has been also said that these ringing bells also eliminate “Vastu Dosha” from your house and make your home full of positive energy. It’s quite ideal for gifting purposes and has the ability to enhance the Décor of any place be it a house or worship place.

Mantra chant box

This speaker has been made for those who cherish the sound of HINDU Mantras playing in the background. It’s the perfect way to ensure positive energies never leave your home and negative energies never enter.

Lighting Type

It refers to “light provision” inside the mandir. When you select “Bulb holder” option, then we fix ‘Bulb holder with wire fitting” beneath the roof/top of the Pooja mandir. When you select “LED light” option, then we fix “LED light with wire fitting” beneath the roof/top of the Pooja mandir. There are various benefits of “LED light” in Pooja Mandir. It keeps your mind and body calm helping in the proper functioning of entire pooja activities. It not only soothes the atmosphere of your house but the usage of these LED lights adds a charming effect to your “Pooja Room”.

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