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Decent product, reasonable prices, shipping services are also fast. Very simple & beautiful wood temple. Nice product! Overall happy with my purchase from ddass store.

Devendu Gupta

The finish and the design of the temple are amazing. It blends with all other furniture units. I keep the mandir according to vastu and the design has to be simple. The curves in the design are beautifully crafted and there is a small wooden tray where I can keep the lamp.

Divya Santosh

The temple has unique design as it has two shelves so that you can keep two or more idols comfortably. The space in both the shelf is sufficient and the style of crafting is elegant.

Pratik thakur

Though the delivery was delayed, the product was delivered with a very safe packing. The pictorial representation was not at all misleading and it totally reached my expectations.

Vidya Pratima

Upto mark. love to buy at

Sagar Sharma

The experience has been fantastic and the quality of the delivered products has been great. We are now completely comfortable buying any product from ddassstore.

Kumar Mangal

D’DASS Store did a great job in handcrafting this with noticeable details and beautiful craftsmanship skills. This wooden temple even has two little drawers for the essentials of ‘puja’.

Rachna Kulkarni

I bought this beautiful and glorious piece of art from DDass Store and supremely delighted by the Mandir’s vibrant look and prosperous beauty just as in the picture.

Rudra Kashyap

Though I am an amateur in online shopping, still I can tell that the quality of the wood was on another level. kudos! ddass store 🙂

Dr. Rima Singh

Wooden Home Temple in lucknow (लकड़ी के मंदिर) Online at Best Price

According to Hindu mythology, a home temple or Pooja mandir for home made of wood is considered to be the purest and favorable. Introduce a wooden home temple or pooja mandir in your abode and give your Gods a designated place. This will endow good luck, prosperity and calmness in the home. D’DASS Store knows that the most prosperous material for the construction of this wooden pooja mandir for home is wood.

Thus, we have a range of pooja mandir online for our customers. This will instill sanctity and spiritual, positive vibes in the home. We have a talented team of interior designers to guide you how to install this piece of furniture in the abode to gain maximum positivity and calmness. From already made to custom-made sheesham wood home temples or wooden mandir, we have everything in store to serve the purpose you are looking for!!

Designer wooden home temple in lucknow for Pooja

Hindu Shastras say, building a pooja mandir wooden temple inside home ejects any kind of iniquitous powers from the premise and make the aura opportune. So, if one does not have it at home, install it. The pooja mandir designs available online in India, are countless, these days. From custom-made traditional samples to the rich contemporary silhouettes, the beauty of these wooden temple for home or mandir for home is mesmerizing and can bring serenity to your place. With an infinite number of choices, getting the one praising your interiors is an easy pick.

A Glance at Beautiful Wooden Home Temple or Pooja Mandir For Home

The elegance of wood does not need words to describe its purity. A beautiful mandir or wooden temple for home is an incarnation of positive energy, faith and a source of tranquillity. A shrine carved out of wood represents sacredness and make the pooja effective. Nowadays, the creative wooden wall mounted pooja mandir for home cater an aesthetic appeal and compliance with rest of the furniture stuff elegantly. Available in many finishes like teak, honey, mahogany and walnut, the small wooden temple furniture can unabashedly transform your secluded corner into a peaceful worship area.

Benefits of Buying Wooden Home Temple for Puja Online in lucknow

Wood is nature’s product and nature, being the abode of the gods and saints, is considered to have a higher healing power. Undoubtedly, it is durable, which means it will last longer. Whenever you sit in front of your wooden temple or prayer units, you will feel the blessings reverberating around you. With beautiful look, the home temple will make sure that it soothes your soul too.

Apart from the premium wooden mandir and artistry work, they are beneficial in many other ways as well. Since they are carved out of perfect wood, they provide a natural appearance with the essence of elegance. The high-quality wood lasts long and is a bang for the buck for the years to come. With creative demeanor, a modern wooden temple unit for home or a prayer unit endows various chests to accommodate every pooja stuff at a proper place. The solid wood pooja mandir being a small furniture unit does not take a lot of space and settles down in a tiny, quiet area of the home.

Choose Your Next Home Temple from Our Distinctive Range of Various Materials

D’DASS Store is famous for its premium-quality Home Temple or Pooja Mandir, our raw materials are 100% pure, which ensures long-lasting durability and an ever-new shiny look to our products. Our collection of wooden home temple online is available in an array of materials and unique designs. One can briefly browse each wooden temple for home and the benefits of the material it is crafted from.

Here are some materials in which you can find our innovative mandir for home:

Sheesham Wood Home Temple

According to Vaastu, it is one of the purest types of wood to be used for crafting the perfect wooden home temple. One can explore finely carved and softened designs of Sheesham wood home temples in various styles to match any home decor just perfectly. The flexible nature of Sheesham allows for innovatively designing a compact yet functional pooja mandir. Buying a Sheesham wood home temple would be a fruitful investment that will offer you space and the right amount of style and durability for a good long time.

Mango Wood Home Temple

Mango wood’s texture is impressive among all other types of furniture wood. Though it is a dense hardwood, perfect for crafting furniture, it’s also relatively soft in texture. This makes mango wood flexible enough to be constructed in various types of furniture. At D’DASS Store, one can discover varied designs available in Mango Wood, so make sure to explore our collection of the wooden home temple to find something that matches your interior.

Teak Wood Home Temple

Teak wood has a rich amount of oil, making it the highest decay and insect resistance among all-natural hardwoods. Indeed a reliable material for you to purchase a designer pooja mandir. At D’DASS Store, one can discover smooth designs of wooden home temple made from teak wood at an affordable price range. Another incredibly durable hardwood in which you can find varied furniture also only at D’DASS Store.

Engineered Wood Home Temple

Enjoy the luxury of sleek and stylish wooden home temples on a budget. Engineered wood home temples are our bestselling material as they are light in weight, making them a hit for small spaces, and are highly affordable with optimal utility. At D’DASS Store, you can find one of the most compact and alluring designs of engineer wood home temples, so browse our collection today to find the perfect abode for your almighty.

Metal Home Temple

Metal pooja mandir for home is a classic and reliable choice to adorn your interiors. It’s far more resilient to everyday wear and tear, which is one major reason it’s an economical choice of pooja mandir to keep outdoors. At D’DASS Store, you can find intriguing designs, so you can choose a designer metal mandir for home to be the one to intensify the view and value of your lord almighty.

Marble Home Temple

Marble is another auspicious material to buy a pooja mandir for your home. The polished look offers a peaceful aura to your space, making it one long-lasting material to have for your pooja mandir at home.

The color of marble radiates calmness, perfect to have for an auspicious home temple. It has a holy glow when it comes in contact with light which gives a divine aura.

Check Out the Various Types of Home Temple Available at D’DASS Store!

At D’DASS Store, you can find a range of home temple designs perfect for blending in varied interior styles. We make sure to come up with distinctive designs to help you bring a more blissful aura around your almighty. So, to help you understand what variety of Home Temple designs we have, let’s break through each one:

Wall Mounted Home Temple

At D’DASS Store, you can find a beauteous range of wall-mounted home temples perfect for compact spaces. Apart from being a boon to compact spaces, a wall-mounted home temple is preferable to have as you can place your diety’s at a height, and that metaphorically symbolizes the almighty is always above us.

Floor Rested Home Temple

A floor-rested pooja mandir is the most traditional type of pooja mandir design in India. Give your home a glorious feeling while making the lords of your house the spotlight. At D’DASS Store, you can browse the most magnificent designs of floor-rested home temples, perfectly spacious and stylish to reside your lords.

Home Temple with Storage

home temple with storage is a highly versatile type of design. From storing your pooja essentials neatly to hiding away the unnecessary, a pooja mandir with storage is a functional design of a home temple to invest in.

Home Temple Without Storage

A pooja mandir without storage could be the best design to fit in tight spots. Those living away from home do not have to compromise anymore; place a small home temple without storage to enhance prosperity no matter how small the placement spot is.

Home Temple With Dome 

A home temple with a dome would be the most auspicious design to have for your space. The Dome structure is considered to amplify the divineness of the lords. And this design also resembles a proper temple, so it looks aesthetically rich to have your almighty reside in a mini temple.

Home Temple Without Dome

A home temple without dome is another classic design to have for your lords. Such a pooja mandir design is easy and better to decorate, helping you be creative for your lords. At D’DASS Store, you can find an exquisite range of home temples without dome to upgrade the majesty of your lords.

Home Temple With Door

Home temples with doors are a functional choice of design to have. At D’DASS Store, you can find the most engaging and intricately carved home temple with doors. This way, you can infuse some trending style and aesthetic into your pooja space without diverting the focus from the lords.

Home Temple Without Door

D’DASS Store houses an exclusive collection of home temples without door. A pooja mandir without a door offers a marvelous look and feel to your decoration. Home temple without door are among the most spacious designs, so if you wish to elevate the view and vibe of your pooja mandir to extravagant levels, then our range of home temples without door will surely satisfy your needs.

Things to know before buying a designer Home Temple or Mandir for your home

For every religious person, bringing home a mandir is the most auspicious and celebrated event. However, before buying a mandir online, it is important to check whether the mandir qualifies in all these areas or not.

  • Easy accessibility
  • Maximum utility
  • Convenient size
  • Durable & weather resistant materials
  • Beautiful mandir design
  • Subtle or vibrant colors
  • Intricate detailing
  • Lightweight or heavy structure
  • Shelves, Compartments, & Drawers

Benefits Of Choosing

D’DASS Store is among the best online stores when it comes to purchasing Home Temple, Pooja Mandapam and Home Decor products. We have a comprehensive collection of furniture pieces, household essentials, and other related items, which may be purchased using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or, besides other payment options. Whats more? Our 3 Days Easy Return Policy makes it easy to return a purchased product in case the product is delivered in a damaged condition. You can also avail discounts & offers on wide range of  Wall Clocks, Trunk & Storage BoxesWooden Home Temple For PoojaPuja Chowki & Bajot, Gift items & Home Decor ProductsBluetooth GramophoneCustomized Sheesham Solid Wood Home Temple etc.

We also deliver in different cities like Home Temple in BangaloreHome Temple in MumbaiHome Temple in ChennaiHome Temple in NoidaHome Temple in MangaloreHome Temple in AhmedabadHome Temple in PuneHome Temple in HyderabadHome Temple in Gurugram and Home Temple in MysoreHome Temple in LucknowHome Temple near meHome Temple in KolkataHome Temple in KanpurHome Temple in IndoreHome Temple in MangaloreHome Temple in NagpurHome Temple in JaipurHome Temple in ChandigarhHome Temple in CombitoreHome Temple in Delhi, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQ’s)

Do you deliver Home Temple in lucknow?

Yes, We delivery D’DASS puja mandir & home temple in lucknow at no extra delivery cost.

What kind of wood used in wooden home temple?

We use Chemically treated and seasoned solid Sheesham wood (Indian rose wood) to ensure that your Pooja Mandir & Home Temple lasts decades. Our primary material is solid wood like Sheesham, Mango Wood. We use secondary material like A grade MDF.

Is it reliable to buy from D'DASS Store?

We are serving since 2014 and we are available across all major platforms. We have our own 25000 Sq. Feet manufacturing facility in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and We are one of the largest manufacturer as well as brand of Wooden temple for home/pooja mandir.

Can I buy temple for home on EMI?

Yes, We provide “No Cost” EMI option for buying pooja mandir.

Is Pooja mandir/ Home Temple termite & water resistant?

Yes, Our all pooja mandirs are termite and water resistant. We use only chemically treated seasoned wood and A grade MDF. We coat it with Laquer/Melamine, which makes it long lasting.

Is COD available for Home Temple in lucknow?

Yes, we offer “Cash on delivery” option and you can order Pooja mandir worth upto 14999/-.

Can I get customization in Home Temple?

Yes, we at provides customization option for our all Pooja mandirs so that you can get it as per your dimension and feature requirement. Customization is available for wooden temple for home, Pooja Mandir with cabinet, solid wood mandir and Pooja mandapam.

Are wooden temples are handmade?

Our all Pooja mandirs/temples are 100% Handmade and Hand-painted as well.

Is there any offline puja mandir store in lucknow?

No, we haven’t any offline store for Puja mandir or Home Temple in lucknow yet. We are serving online direct from our factory, since 2014 🙂

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