Our Story


Since our inception as D'DASS, we grew as a "Furniture & Home Decor brand" with a product range that reflects India's vibrant culture in its designs. We are known for expanding our expertise to unexplored parts of the business and have always been avid supporters of the "In-house process".

Our Team and Vision

D'DASS is led by a creative team of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Mr. Kartik & Mr. Karan Bissa. Founded in 2014, our vision has always been centered around luxury and making luxury accessible to everyone. Today, D'DASS stands among the top Solid Wood Furniture brands in India, supported by a team of antique designers who excel in the field of innovative luxury design across various cities in India.

We are committed to preserving our heritage while introducing innovative and modern designs that are suited for today’s marketplace. Our collections are curated through partnerships with the world’s most renowned artisans, offering unique products that blend inspired design with quality and value.

Manufacturing Process

Where it Starts

We select our wooden logs directly, ensuring each piece, regardless of its size or shape, is processed with industry-leading techniques to become termite-resistant forever.

Seasoning the Wood

The wood undergoes a scientific drying process, where careful control of moisture levels and atmospheric conditions tailors the wood to perfection, making it ready for furniture making.

Crafting the Furniture

Our skilled craftsmen then transform these seasoned wood planks into the fine furniture our customers expect, adhering to high standards of quality and design.

Finishing Touches

Post-assembly, each piece is meticulously finished by expert polishers who enhance the wood's natural beauty and ensure the finish meets your personal preference.


Our Promise and Your Experience

Our integrated business model allows us to deliver excellence through various channels including stores, galleries, source books, and websites. We aim for your complete satisfaction with the D'DASS products, emphasizing no-maintenance required products that last long and maintain their luxury feel.

We believe not just in customer transactions but in fostering relationships that last, putting you in the imperial category of society you deserve.

Commitment to Quality

Each product is designed to meet high standards of functionality and aesthetics. We ensure that every piece not only meets technical specifications but also carries the visual grandeur that every home deserves.

 Delivery and Packaging

Our products are packaged with care to ensure they arrive in the same impeccable condition they left our warehouse. Safe, secure, and efficient delivery practices guarantee your new furniture makes it home as intended.

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