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Jaisalmer Habur Stone, Which can turn milk into curd

In the house, we only use curd or buttermilk to make curd, but have you ever heard that a stone can also be curdled? So we tell you today about a similar stone. This stone is called The Habur Stone . It is found in Habur village, 40 kilometers from Jaisalmer. In The Habur Stone there is a unique quality of curdling. In this case, the yogurt accumulates in 14 hours after adding this stone to milk.

This property of this stone has been tested by many native foreign scientists. Those who believe that this stone contains three bio-chemical amino acids, phenyl alienas and Rifofen tyrosine present in the stone. The people of Abur village still use it only for curdling.

Rajasthan has a fascinating array of rocks and minerals, one of which is fossil-rich Habur limestone (also referred to as Abur limestone1), named after the village Habur (27°19¢N : 70°33¢E). This rock is considered of lower Cretaceous–Aptian age, which makes it 125–112 million years old. The brown coloured, ferruginous claybearinglimestone is rich in small fossils that give it a unique, eye-catching calligraphic texture.The village land was under sea millions of year ago so fossil stones have been formed which have amino acid,phynile alinia and riftaphen tyroseen.

It is called habur stone of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.The village habur is 40 km away from Jaisalmer stone. Habur stone, the miraculous fossil stone is said to have been formed 125 million years ago, by sea shell formation in Jaisalmer.It has huge medicinal properties like diabetic cure, blood pressure control etc. It can turn milk into curd without fermentation. When lukewarm-milk is kept in this stone for 12 hour , good tasty curd is found.

It is really the Habur limestone of which the locals are particularly proud. Reddish brown in color with a dark black pattern, it is rich in fossil bacteria. This explains why milk turns to curd overnight when left in a glass molded from the limestone.

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