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Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS147

74,999.00 43,999.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS148

66,299.00 43,499.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS149

69,199.00 42,999.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS150

80,399.00 43,689.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS151

69,599.00 44,699.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS152

69,599.00 46,989.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS153

107,699.00 46,989.00

Sheesham Wood Dining Sets | DDASSDS154

64,199.00 42,499.00

Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Table Set | DDASSDS160

77,259.00 49,999.00

Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Table Set | DDASSDS161

76,827.00 49,499.00

Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Table Set | DDASSDS164

136,719.00 54,999.00

Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Table Set | DDASSDS165

120,496.00 69,999.00

The D’DASS Store’s knitted wood effect is sure to make a striking, strong statement in your living space. Its simple yet intricate detailing will transform your space into a sanctuary. Watch the way the rich textures and tones of the D’DASS Collection work to add warmth and will be a worthy winner in your home. Reflecting designs that are Classic and Contemporary; D’DASS Store delivers the right blend of aesthetics and functionality, as well as comfort and promised quality. Everything you bought on is shipped with free shipping.  So go ahead and buy with confidence.

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D’DASS Store is among the best online stores when it comes to purchasing furniture and home products. We have a comprehensive collection of furniture pieces, household essentials, and other related items, which may be purchased using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or, besides other payment options. Whats more? Our 15-Day Easy Return Policy makes it easy to return a purchased product in case the product is delivered in a damaged condition. You can also avail discounts & offers on wide range of Solid Sheesham Wood Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Dining Furniture, Solid Wood Furniture For Storage, Wall Clocks, Trunk & Storage Boxes, Wooden Home Temple For Pooja, Puja Chowki & Bajot, Gift items & Home Decor Products, Bluetooth Gramophone, Customized Sheesham Solid Wood Home Temple etc.